New Record Set

09/29/2012 17:29

We are very pleased to announce that within the past 3 days, from 9/25-9/28/2012, over 9,000 people have taken the time to enjoy the great videos seen here and on, where other programs like CNN are seen.  We want to thank everyone, the artists and YOU, the viewer, for making SCMTV the success it has become. We urge everyone to spread the word that SCMTV is on the cutting edge, bringing you the best in Independant artist videos. Let's grow together and show the world that these great artists need to be heard on mainstream radio just as much as the likes of Alan Jackson, Aerosmith and others. Let's prove that Jimmy Parker, Lynn Hooker, TJ Maddux, New Dynasty and so many others are just as worthy of the recognition and fame.


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