We need YOU

09/25/2012 17:25

That's right, SCMTV needs you. Are you an artist, film maker, or progressive talk show host? if you answered yes, then we want you. Get your music, have your films, get your opinion seen right here on SCMTV, the first Independant and Progressive TV station in the country. We need you and we need your support as SCMTV is a commercial free retro-MTV style station with absolutely no commercials. We need sponsors and we need YOU the viewer, so show your support of these fine artists, film makers and hosts by keeping SCMTV online and growing. Let's show the world that Independant and Progressive is the way of the future.


SCMTV PO Box 511
Spiro, Oklahoma 74959
918-448-0448 scmtv@rocketmail.com